Plans & Pricing

Helpkart | Crowdfunding Platform India


  • We charge a 0% platform fee for natural disaster fundraising.
  • Helpkart platform fee is applicable only on the amount raised rather than the goal amount.
  • GST of 18% will be charged on aggregate payment gateway and platform fee for Indian donations only. (Not applicable for international donations.)
  • Helpkart often relies on third party vendors and tools for due diligence and verification of campaigns, content moderation such as text and multimedia review to check for potentially harmful content, identity authentication, hospital, NGO and beneficiary bank account verification, and document verification systems to ensure continued trust and safety on the platform. A due diligence, safety, and administration fee of Rs. 3000 + GST or the selected pricing package, whichever is higher, will be applied to all fundraisers.
  • 80G tax benefits are subject to due diligence and discretion of ImpactGuru.
  • All payments are subject to a payment gateway fee of 3%. An additional per donation transaction fee of $0.30 will be charged per international credit/debit card transaction.
  • An international wire fee of US$ 40 per remittance will apply per fundraiser if foreign currency has been collected.


What is the 0% Helpkart platform fee model?

Through the 0% Helpkart Platform Fee, we at Helpkart waive off our platform charges, so that you can receive maximum funds for the causes you care about. As a fundraiser, you don’t pay anything. To help us maintain the platform to provide you a free fundraising option, we ask donors for an optional tip.

What is the conversion policy for foreign donations on Helpkart?

If you have received international donations, please understand that the final credited amount into the chosen bank account will vary due to exchange rate fluctuations which are outside the control of Helpkart. We advise you to keep your goal amount slightly higher to make up for any potential loss due to foreign exchange fluctuations.

To whose account will the funds be transferred to?

For medical cases, the funds are transferred directly by Helpkart to the hospital or a healthcare institution such as a healthcare at home service, clinic, pharmacy, or diagnostic center.

For NGOs, the funds are transferred directly by ImpactGuru to the NGO’s domestic and/or FCRA bank accounts.

In exceptional cases, based on the due diligence standards and policies of ImpactGuru, funds are transferred to the campaigner / patient’s family.

What is Accelerate and how do I enrol in it?

Customers who are running a Self-Driven / Do it Yourself fundraiser can seek additional support by upgrading to the Assist or Collaborate model and can reach out to their Relationship Manager to initiate the process.

The Accelerate initiative of Helpkart caters primarily towards those individuals who are unable to create or manage their own fundraiser due to lack of education, access to smartphones, or social networks for fundraising support. ImpactGuru provides fundraising support in such cases by maximizing outreach, leveraging all fundraising channels.

Why does Helpkart charge a platform fee on some of the plans?

Helpkart is a social enterprise that provides crowdfunding support for medical, personal, and non-profit causes. Our mission is to help finance the critical illnesses of over 1 million / 10 lakh patients over the next decade. To provide the best experience to our customers, we have to incur various costs relating to technology infrastructure, dedicated staff, fundraiser outreach, due diligence and vetting, disbursing funds, and updating donors on fund utilization.

Only when we sustain, will we be able to achieve our mission. Just like a hospital charges a fee to treat patients or an academic institution to educate students, we too charge a fee for some of our services as a single solution does not cater to every customer. In India, healthcare and education require a personalized and customized approach, likewise, crowdfunding too! We constantly strive to provide the best fundraising experience and support to all our customers and our pricing plans reflect the value we deliver in helping our customers achieve their fundraising goals at the lowest possible cost.

While our 0% Helpkart Platform Fee plan is tailored to perfectly fit those customers who are familiar with crowdfunding, our other plans, Assist and Collaborate, and our Accelerate initiative, entail a variety of value added services for those who need additional support with fundraising. At Helpkart, we invest an abundant amount of time and effort to provide high touch customer support, customised outreach plans, multimedia support and much more as a part of these plans to provide a fruitful fundraising experience.

What is the difference between a Relationship Manager and a Crowdfunding Expert?

Relationship Managers are experienced professionals who will diligently provide you an overview of crowdfunding, answer your questions, and help ensure that the most critical elements required for a successful crowdfunding campaign are part of your fundraising approach. They will serve as an end-to-end fundraising guide for you in this journey.

Crowdfunding Experts are specialists who have counselled thousands of patients and non-profit organisations. They will plan your fundraising strategy, guiding you every step of the way, use data-driven insights to optimize your execution plan, and leave no stone unturned in helping you achieve your fundraising goals. Basis the strength of your social networks, fundraising requirements, and other resources, our Crowdfunding Experts will carefully analyse your fundraising goals and strive to help you achieve your goal in the shortest time possible.